Saturday, May 12, 2007

lizard king (with all due apologies)

Disclaimer: I'm willing to face the flak!! Bring it on!!

Interesting Story: The photographer is auctioning this tiara, so make your bids.. best one so far is "two shwarmas from maroush" with ""extra"" GARLIC.. and psst.. the photographer is a pig!! Personally, the Human Rights Watch is helping the help throw off his proletariat shackles and sue the m(b)astard

Boring Truth: Let me give you the background... a friend of mine took a picture of his officeboy with a cheap tiara stolen from a baniya wedding bash.. it has a flashing lights... Okay, truth, he found the tiara at a club next to a cheap ass pineapple cake that said "Happy Birthday, Mrs. Bunty"...