Tuesday, June 05, 2007

save the world???

earth, the Raven haired beauty
smelt of freshly cut grass,
or, was it her perfume?
whatever! Let it pass.

fallow, barren, infertile,
she's been called too many names
still she empties her womb
never playing too many games

"Die you cock sucking mother fucker", he shouted
as he pulled the trigger
many died, some maimed, all was over,
or do you want me to give a numerical figure?


Shaji.k said...

The images you have arranged, one over the other, from fresh to fallow, barren and infertile speaks to the heart. numerical figures are for calculating minds that desecrate the raven haired beauty..

xanjukta said...

Thanks.. indebted to such thoughts as yours...

Abhigyan said...

Quite a neat one..and one which is difficult to tackle...we conquer tropical geography by using air-conditioning, and in turn create more heat for us to become even more dependent on it...

where does man's civilisational progress give way to nature's destruction?

Anonymous said...

Implicit in the beginning is the end,
not to assuage they say a circle has no end.

Inevitable! intervention divine or human,
it doesn't matter,it has to happen.

It's true a whole world goes with a life,
but was not it build with the knowledge of being futile?

A big bang was there and again it will be,
a new earth with all the innocence for thee.