Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the chicken and the duck

softly kneaded into the senses was the taste of honey
she put her tongue to it cautiously
exploding in a fury of rain drenched skin

hands that sought another's
lips that craved another's
chocolate and vanilla rum truffles

senses tested beyond their limit
all other deviations shut down one by one
until sunlight poured in through the cobwebbed window panes

a small corner of the room was lit up
she sat there gazing into her soul
as he lay sleeping, content and caressed by spent love from last night


Anonymous said...

Don’t you think conformity has been made a human attribute to prevent mirages from being challenged as unreal? Why don’t you believe in your own reality?? anyway, marvelous pics like....you.

... said...

you mean people believe in mirages which are unreal becuase it's an unreal real concept or phenomenon?? i think tell people anything and they'll believe. And why are you assuming that i don't believe my reality?? who are you, you little twit to judge me??

Cruel Intentions said...

Eh ... The soup was tasty! :D