Tuesday, September 12, 2006


the leaf had a name
the name was yours
she stared hard at the name, hoping that the bleak letters would metamorphose into real flesh and blood
wishful thinking...

so she sent the leaf on its way to the ground
there it met with soft earth
it took on the color of earth
they said that it dried up
rain fell on it for days
they said it was decaying

then it turned into dust merging with the soul of the earth
they said it died


satya said...

I am so pissed, I am actually reading poetry these days. Well, yeah the one on your blog and the one Omair emailed.

It a nice one.

I need to find myself again.

xanjukta said...

what happened?? why are you pissed? same ol' problem or something new??? the poems omair emailed are really great... i don't know if i wrote a poem or not, all i know is that i was bored to death in one class, and in a desperate bid not to fall asleep, i started doodling and scribbling.... the scribble i put up on the blog and the doodle is going on to the sketchpad...